Cultivate patient retention with a comfortable office life and smooth administrative experiences

Retain patient loyalty. Office stress can negatively affect your patient's experience. The right software application can give you the tools you need to manage a profitable, efficient, and patient-centric office, while allowing you more time to focus on what you do best - working with your patients and producing great dentures. Professional looking quotes, invoices and receipts will boost your professional image and ultimately increase the patient's level of trust in your practice.

Electronic Billing means faster claim processing and payments. The ability to electronically submit claims will be more convenient, allow you to get paid faster and your patients will appreciate faster pre-authorization responses.

Oral Examinations, Prosthesis Planning, Odontograms, Digital Imaging, and Medical Histories (all specifically designed for the denturist), will give your practice a very professional and effective means to communicate to patients, dentists, and laboratories.

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