What’s New

* – for contactless COVID-19 Screening and new patient forms on the comfort of your patient’s cell phones are still no charge for denturists – sign up for the “trial” and it is still no charge if you are a denturist.

2022 06 – Version

  • Important DACnet update! users must update to this version before July 7th 2022 for electronic billing capabilty to continue.
  • On the patient clinical tab there is a new exam type called “Denture Exam – new” – check it out!  It is a variation of the “Denture Exam”.
  • Users can now add their own pdf or word templates for exams. Go to the “Setup” menu; choose “Exams” then click the “New PDF/Word Exam” button to add a pdf of your choice.

2022 02 – Version

  • Denturist Association of Ontario 2022 Feeguide update

2022 01 – Version

  • Provincial Fee Guide Updates for all provinces in Canada except Ontario (Ontario’s 2022 Feeguide is produced for Feb 1st)

2021 08 – Version

  • Improvements to Scheduler Refresh Rate
  • Improvements to Scheduler recurring appointments “edit series” functions.
  • Insurance Companies Bilsland Griffith (BG) Benefit Administrators & TELUS AdjudiCare have joined DACnet
  • Alberta Blue Cross is now exclusively on the TELUS B network for DACnet transactions

2021 05 – Version

  • Ledger, Actions and Clinical grids can be sorted with the most recent entry either at the top of the grid or the bottom of the grid by clicking directly on the date field header – DOMx will now remember your preference for this sort order and the scroll bar will go to the most recent by default.
  • New Fee Guides for:

    Manitoba NIHB, Guide Québec Indiens et Inuit (May 1st, 2021)
    BC NIHB Hygienists, BC First Nations and Inuit Health Branch (June 1st, 2021)

  • When creating claims and pre-auths some users had to use a scroll bar find the tooth code, we have adjusted sizing to accomodate most screens on this window so users no longer need to scroll grid to view field.
  • Patient Alerts now also display the specific notes about that alert in the header.
  • ADA form – Box 36 should read Patient/Guardian, not Parent/Guardian
  • Setup of Treatment Plan templates to only show relevant fee guides
  • Fix for duplicating records on treatment plan pre-authorizations
  • New Installer for Visual Studio C++ 2010 redistributable package

2021 04 – Version

  • BIG NEWS !!! Manulife, after years of lobbying, has finally signed on with DACnet!! 
  • Other Insurance Companies now signed on with DACnet: GroupHEALTH, SSNA (QU NIHB), Ontario Ironworkers, & RWAM Insurance.
  • New Fee Guides for:

DAO ( version released Feb 1st to Ontario members)
ADA 2019 Fee Guide;
SK Supplemental Health 2020
Change updates to NB & BC
NIHB Fee Guides for: AB, NB, NL, NS, NT, NU, ON, PE, SK, YT

  • Fixes: some clinics had versions between – which had a few bugs introduced and now resolved: patient search popping up unexpectably on the scheuduler; Copy and Past functionality issues in the scheduler; Issues editing the notes in the appointments.

2021 01 – Version

  • New Fee Guides for: AB, BC, MB, NB, NS, PE, SK, YT, NL, NU, NT, QC
  • Patient Attachments and scan will provide warning for files more than 5MB and an Error more than 10MB – users should adjust their scan settings to 150 dpi and either Greyscale or Black and White. Most scanners have a default to 300 dpi and full colour. This results in file sizes literally 50 times larger than necessary.
  • Fix for cut/copy and paste function for appointments in the scheduler
  • Fix for email position on patient statements; invoices; and receipts
  • Ability to clear Treatment Plan status

2020 11 – Version

  • Digident intra-oral camera comptatiblity build for new Miscrosot 3.5 framework
  • Claim form formatting improvements for the French Claim form
  • fixed scheduler screen flickering when refreshing
  • Appointment notes editing improvements for network computers.
  • New DOMx license tracking framework to avoid interference from Windows Updates causing a new license serial code to be deployed.  

2020 08 – Version 14.7.05

  • Compatiblity with Signature PAD
  • New version of COVID-19 Screening in Clinical Tab > New Exam

2020 07 – Version 14.7.02

  • Print labels for Ins. Company
  • Pop-up Alert fix for new patient files
  • Sync contact view settings

2020 05 – Version

  • New Look and Feel Themes
  • New Scheduler Look and Feel